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Vila Mariana, São Paulo

Skate and jazz for all ages

A house where the owner built a wooden bowl for the guys to skate. At first, it was a place for friends to hang out, but he started to open the space: there is a grill, a small stage for jazz bands, a pull table on the top floor and a room for photo and art exhibitions.

The first time I went was with my boyfriend, who also skates. For someone experienced is totally worth it, on the other hand if you are a beginner everyone stops and helps you, giving a tip. They are very friendly.

The place opens very early and closes around 10 pm so you can do a lot, and seize the day. Every Thursday happens a party, always with a different band mixing jazz: hip-hop and jazz, rock and jazz, super harmonious. It's definitely my favorite place.

You pass by the street and is a house filled with graffiti, there is no name or sign indicating what that is. To get in, you must be brought by someone.

Viajo highlights

Even though it’s a skate ambient – which might be considered kind of radical – the Bowlhouse is a family place. On top of offering skate classes for kids, they are welcome to all the parties, barbecues and exhibitions. It’s a place for all ages.

Rua Morgado de Mateus, 652,
Vila Mariana,
São Paulo,
S.P. 04015-051
Amanda Vasconcelos Skater and student, 30

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