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Bar Pompéia

Pompeia, São Paulo

The bar I go to

Pompéia is the bar I go to. It's as simple as that. It has nothing to do with those stereotyped-niche places, where you can find this or that kind of people.

It's my type of bar because I go there, you know? And it is the type of bar of whoever goes there, and depending on the time of the day, it has all kinds of people.

I go at lunch time - to have one of those lunches from which you never come back to work! It has honest prices, bottled beer and I can order my plate - a very substantial one - the way I want it: my thing is the picanha (a very South American cut of meat, basically a tender part from the rump or sirloin) with biro-biro rice and sautéed potatoes on the side.

Viajo highlights

Pompéia Bar carries the simple charm of bars that use to dominate São Paulo in middle 20th century: typically with black and white kind of checkered walls, wooden chairs and tables and delicious pickled and bite-sized food at the counter.

The kitchen is run by Mrs. Olga, the mother of the owner, who prepares meals that can feed a whole troop, and biro-biro rice is a fantastic side dish to any meal: it has eggs, bacon and sometimes even shoestring potatoes.

The bar is also well known by its draft beer and the snacks that are always in the best-of-town rankings, such as the meat ball Milanese with a seedless olive inside.

Bar Pompéia
Rua Dr. Augusto de Miranda, 712,
São Paulo,
S.P. 05026-000
Zeca MCA Music producer, 47

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