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Bar do Luiz Nozoie

Bosque da Saúde, São Paulo

A bar with an old charm

Bar do Luiz Nozoie is a place to go have a beer, yes, but mainly to eat tasteful, handmade food, prepared with love – such as seafood and the fishes he goes fishing himself!

Appetizers are on the bar in glass bowls for you to poke it with your toothpick – they’re not to miss. There’s also a kind of fresh shrimp salad that you must order, as well as the sausage meats that he cuts in very thick triangles.

I lived in Barcelona and the mood that this Japanese guy from Ipiranga offers his clients brings the same charm of Spanish bars. I found this bar totally by chance, many years ago, as I’m from Ipiranga and I’ve always walked around a lot around the area.

One day, the two little tables on the sidewalk, in front of a garage, got my attention, and I stopped by with my husband to check it out on a Monday afternoon. The place was much smaller back then. So we went in, met Luiz Nozoie’s whole family, drank beer and had a taste of the wonderful snacks. Then we went again, and once more…

The bar was restructured a few years ago, is a little bigger now, but it’s still a family thing. It is mostly visited by inhabitants of the neighborhood, but people from other areas go there two because it’s a mandatory stop.

Luiz Nozoie’s bar customers are loyal old-timers. I decided to take my father once and discovered that he used to go there when he was young. A calligraphy poster my father made was still there on one of the walls! It was an amazing discovery.

Bar do Luiz Nozoie
Avenida do Cursino, 1210,
Bosque da Saúde,
São Paulo,
S.P. 04132-000
Dona Luisa Restaurant owner, 66

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