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Bar do Luiz Fernandes

Mandaqui, São Paulo

A taste of tradition

This is a bar that got me because of its fame, since it is a “boteco” in the most glorious sense. And if there's a place that became famous for its snacks, it was Bar do Luiz Fernandes, in the North Zone. It's always competing for best boteco food in town and it won first place a couple of times.

It is a brilliant place to go and bring friends with you, because they do such a great job, you know? The owners are the old couple Mr. Luiz Fernandes and Dona Idalina - she takes care personally of all appetizers and she's the creator of the house's specialties, really unique food!

The bar grew so much that they've opened three more places besides the original one, which is much more of a street bar, with tables on the sidewalk: a version inside a supermarket, a grill and a kind of brewpub.

Their meatball is the oldest and most delicious snack, but you'll want to eat all of the others too.

Bar do Luiz Fernandes
Rua Augusto Tolle, 610,
São Paulo,
S.P. 02405-001
Dona Luisa Restaurant owner, 66

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