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Consolação, São Paulo

Rock in the flesh

The place where I have the most fun in São Paulo is Astronete! I usually go there on Fridays when they have live bands, which I think is much more interesting than just a DJ putting on a rock soundtrack.

So it is always a somewhat spontaneous experience, always different, and you end up meeting a lot of nice people – because, as the place is not that big, you get to be very close to the people.

Viajo highlights

The small Club Astronete is part of the golden refuge of São Paulo’s nighlife for the past 10 years, known as Low Augusta, permeated by brothels and decadent hotels entangled with the coolest bars and discos of the city.

Rua Augusta, 335,
São Paulo,
S.P, BR 01309-020
Amanda Vasconcelos Skater and student, 30

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