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Apfel Restaurante

República, São Paulo

A meat-free friendship

I became a frequent at Apfel because, as I vegetarian, it was the first place I could trust not to find a piece of bacon in my beans! It's close to work in the Downtown area, where I don't have that much vegetarian variety, so I eat there every single day.

It's a very cute and old building, two-story high, in the corner of the street. It reminds me of old São Paulo and as I go up the beautiful stairs through a flower-decorated path, I and end up right in front of the owner, who welcomes me every time, a very friendly guy.

It has an external area, so you can eat there in the winter and get a little sun light, with a bunch of plants, it's so nice. I always go alone, but the people who go there - tattooed guys from Galeria do Rock, skaters, rappers, office workers from nearby - is always the same, so I ended up making a lot of friends!

My vegetarian taste is composed of several lines of thought, being it yoga, where some say eating meet makes you stiff, or the straight edge punk movement, which has more of a political thing connected with not eating meat. But if I kept going into each one of these aspects I was to get crazy!

So I've been a vegetarian for, let’s just say, several reason for 7 years, and Apfel suits my needs with ease!

Apfel Restaurante
Rua Dom José de Barros, 99,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01038-100
Luísa Bittencourt Journalist, 36

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