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25 de Março

Centro, São Paulo

Shopping for the masses

I love this place! I used to visit "25" since I was a kid, with my father. Afterwards I started going alone.

I dig buying some biribas (a very mild type of firecracker that snaps once thrown onto the floor), Playmobil, some random stuff, and there's always something there.

There was a time when I made lots of music with toys and that was the place where I shopped for props.

Generally I go walking there and back. It's a very pleasant walk. But sometimes I take the electric bus, which is also great - good for me because I get to bypass traffic, and good for the city since it preserves the environment by running on electricity - a clean energy.

I bring many friends to have that experience with me. We go walking and discovering new things. Once I took a friend there and he was just overwhelmed! He's from São Paulo, but that was his first time at 25 and he couldn't believe the madness! It was too much for him to bear.

Today the commerce there is pretty much under control, but at that time there was much more people selling stuff in the street, it was crazy as hell. You walked out of there with your head buzzing.

When I'm strolling about the street I make a lot of recordings, I shoot videos and tape the sound of people going by - I enjoy that mess, but you gotta be in the right state of mind to visit 25 de março.

Viajo highlights

The name of this street (March 25th) is a tribute to the day when the first Brazilian Constitution was written, in 1824. Including its surroundings, it is considered to be the largest commercial center in Latin America.

25 de março exists since the end of the 19th century and, because it was surrounded by two rivers, it used to be flooded at the time of rainfalls - that was before the rivers had their courses deviated and canalized.

"Entre Rios" (In Between Rivers), by Caio Ferraz, is a must watch documentary if you want to know more of the area and also to understand Downtown and the city of São Paulo as a whole.

25 de Março
Rua 25 de março,
São Paulo,
S.P. 01021-200
Tatá Aeroplano Musician, 47

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