Plantarum Botanic Garden (EN)

Despite being home to one of the world’s greatest botanists, Harri Lorenzi, Brazilians don’t generally have a habit of visiting botanic gardens. Some time ago, Harri Lorenzi transformed his own house into the Plantarum Botanic Garden, in the city of Nova Odessa, close to Campinas and not too far from São Paulo’s metropolitan area. The […]

Minhocão (EN)

I love riding my bicycle with friends at night and a nice and safe place to do that on Sundays is Minhocão. There’s no car traffic at that time, it’s peaceful, and that makes it one of the few open-air places to go also at night that is not a nightclub or something – you […]

25 de Março Street

I love this place! I used to visit “25” since I was a kid, with my father. Afterwards I started going alone. I dig buying some biribas (a very mild type of firecracker that snaps once thrown onto the floor), Playmobil, some random stuff, and there’s always something there. There was a time when I […]

Casa 92 (EN)

Largo da Batata (Potato Square), a couple of years from now, will be a very “in” spot in S.P. Lots of people go through there every day, it pulsates! And Casa 92 is a house that follows that movement. The space is very edgy – the junction of several houses. It’s like you go into […]

Conservatorium bar (EN)

Conservatorium is at São Gabriel Street, in Jardim Paulista neighborhood. It’s a bar that opens only on Thursdays and Fridays in a garage! Their thing is a DJ playing some house music, drinks and conserved food – therefore the name. They buy their bread from a bakery nearby, on the same day they open, and […]

Dona Onça Bar (EN)

When I go Downtown I just want to enjoy myself, be around people. And at Dona Onça Bar I can do it! It’s in Copan Building, an absolute symbol of São Paulo. I fell that at the same time S.P has been turning real ugly with the passing of time and all those horrendous business […]

Casa Europa (EN)

This is a hallmark of São Paulo. It’s an old place that, to me, brings a reminiscence of the extinct Bar Supremo – the owners being from the same family –, another memorable establishment, besides having a very fun and cozy atmosphere. Casa Europa has had many forms, it was different restaurants, actually, and now […]

Bar do Luiz Nozoie (EN)

Bar do Luiz Nozoie is a place to go have a beer, yes, but mainly to eat tasteful, handmade food, prepared with love – such as seafood and the fishes he goes fishing himself! Appetizers are on the bar in glass bowls for you to poke it with your toothpick – they’re not to miss. […]

Di Cunto (EN)

At Di Cunto they take Italian food seriously. It is a family that treats each of the approximately 900 items on the menu with extreme care. They have all kinds of breads, sweet pastry, cappelletti pasta, sfogliatelle, seasoned round beef, you name it. I go there since I was a little girl, with my parents, […]

Quintal da Mooca Bar (EN)

Quintal da Mooca bar is run by two ex-waiters, people very able, very experienced in the bar business, so much that they’ve decided to open their own place. I found it when I discovered they had won a competition as best “boteco” (bar) in the “good and cheap” category. My husband and I decided to […]