Your personal city experience inspired by locals

Exclusive insights for outsiders to explore and feel like a local citizen.

VIAJO was born out of a conversation, a dialogue which São Paulo’s native Amanda Silva-Jankowska had with other people in order to share a concept – that is now thought out by many people at once.

The idea was to connect friends that came from abroad to the activities she enjoyed going about the city. And the way it was born it shall remain: a dialogue between people about place, experiences and… people!

Rediscover travelling with exclusive content from locals.

All that with the distinction of helping build unique narrative storylines from such conversations, which encompass text, photography, video, mobile technology tools – everything a profound experience should have; and everything to give the traveller autonomy to dive into local culture in an intimate manner.

Awarded in the 5th Iberoamerican Congress of Culture.

The embrionic concept of VIAJO was given an award in the 5th Ibero-american Congress of Culture – when it began to leave the paper and receive dedication and investment in order to become a bold project and, now a complete reality, with the launch of the website in September, 2015, having São Paulo as its pilot-city (VIAJO SP)

To hear from the congress attendees a big YES to what we were idealizing gave us extra motivation to show the enchantments of big cities to people, beyond cold and violent statistics.

Estúdio Contém: multicultural engaged team.

So far, VIAJO was financed with our own resources at multimedia production company Estúdio Contém, with a team of 10 insightful and engaged collaborators – and who’ve been gaining lots of compliments!

They are people who have been gradually invited for their technical skills, talent and human content – qualities for making VIAJO hit the ground running.

Selected for startup acceleration programs; green light to keep accelerating.

A project of this magnitude can’t survive solely on compliments, we seek ways of accelerating the process and there are people who can already see it’s potential: VIAJO was identified by Wayra Accelerator as promising and selected for it´s Fast-Track program. In 2015, we were invited to be part of Web Summit Alpha Program, in Dublin.

Dream come true consistently

Viajo is more than a materialised dream – it is the desire, put into practice, for inspiring people to know themselves and others; to explore new settings in unique ways; and to accumulate experiences that make their journeys worthwhile.

São Paulo – Headquarters
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